Activision Blizzard Games Removed from GeForce Now


The games of Activision Blizzard were removed from NVIDIA’s cloud server game service GerForce Now, which is also available in our country. It was revealed that the reason for this problem was misunderstanding.

Cloud server game services have a structure that can change the course of the game industry and one of these services is GeForce Now, which is also accessible from our country. The service offered by NVIDIA stopped at a beta stage for a while and Activison Blizzard games were played through the service during this stage.

However, GeForce Now has lost its Activision Blizzard games, which are active in the beta process. According to the new information, the reason why the US-based technology company lost its Activision Blizzard games is misunderstanding.

Activision Blizzard games can be played on the platform again in the future
According to the news in Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard wanted to make a commercial agreement with NVIDIA. The two companies had reached an agreement in the beta process of the service, but NVIDIA thought that the deal would still be valid after the service was released. Despite this misunderstanding, the company hopes that in the future, Activison Blizzard games can be played again in the service.

NVIDIA has released a description of the Activision Blizzard games deleted from GeForce Now. The company stated that Acitivision Blizzard is a great partner in the beta process of the service, and that they hope that the games will be removed from the service due to the misunderstanding, but that the games will become playable again.

The company also said in its statement that while hundreds of games are supported on the platform, the developers of more than 1,500 games now want to take part in the service. If you are a GeForce Now user, you can follow the new games added in the weekly updates section.


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