Activision Blizzard Accused of Destroying Evidence and Coercing Witnesses


Activision Blizzard: California Department of Labor and Housing Justice (DFEH) updated the lawsuit filed against developer Activision Blizzard. The original complaint, filed in July 2021, gained new clauses and also a supplement suggesting new irregular practices by the company.

According to the Axios website, DFEH has now included testimonies and support from temporary employees of the company as part of the whistleblowers. The original accusations cite a toxic work environment, sexist and with different episodes of moral and sexual harassment.

clearing the bar

In addition, Activision Blizzard was accused of not cooperating and trying to hinder investigations, in addition to trying to hide information that would be essential in an eventual trial.

Teams linked to the Human Resources sector reportedly worked to destroy papers and delete emails related to the case, especially 30 days after layoffs. The files would include records of employee complaints that would have been ignored or not taken forward.

In addition, DFEH accuses the brand of trying to block access or intimidate employee collaboration from lawyers hired to handle the case. According to the complaint, even agreements not to disclose details would have been signed, which would prevent direct contact between the agency and professionals.

What does the company say

In response to the allegations, Activision Blizzard denied the destruction of documents by HR and the intimidation of employees through lawyers.

According to the company, it has cooperated with all legal requirements, in addition to implementing reforms that improve the conditions of the working environment and make offices a safe place for everyone.

The company’s first responses to the charges were denial, prompting the community and even employees to escalate the protests. Blizzard President J. Allen Brack has since stepped down.


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