ACNH: Pascal’s Wisest Philosophical Reflections


In Animal Crossing: Nintendo’s New Horizons has plenty of special characters with quirky personalities and different roles in the franchise, but Pascal is perhaps the wisest of them all. Many of these characters appear in several titles of the games, and each offers the player something to do. Special characters never go unnoticed in the world of Animal Crossing, and thanks to the addition of Brewster’s Cafe, players can now drink coffee with their pets. Pascal is one of those fan—favorite characters. This little red otter, appearing in many TV series titles, is known for her love of scallops and wise advice.

This nomadic water wanderer spends the day crossing the ocean and waiting for ACNH players to stumble upon a scallop, hoping to get an item from the player in exchange for DIY recipes or pearls. This trade in items seems to be the reason Pascal likes to spend time near the island, unlike some of the villagers of Animal Crossing who probably hate player islands, Pascal seems content to stay nearby. Even with bright red fur and an eclectic outfit, Pascal appears in ACNH only when the player dives for scallops, unlike other games where you can see an otter walking around the village. In addition to the interesting appearance of the character, this aquatic creature is known for having very intriguing thoughts that can be shared.

Pascal understands how to maintain the balance of life

Sometimes the past takes up all the time of the present and takes away from the future. Pascal wants ACNH players to remember that there may be bright moments in the past, but there are also good days in the future. Every new day is an opportunity to start all over again and enjoy the days ahead. Like restarting an island in Animal Crossing, life is moving forward, and while the last island was fun, the new island can be just as fun.

Life moves at its own pace, so Pascal is on his back

Whether you walk or run, the destination remains the same, regardless of the speed at which you reach it. Pascal says that a goal achieved is a goal achieved, no matter how long it takes to achieve it. Achieving a goal now or later does not affect whether the goal can be achieved or not. Whether the player wants to finally finish his museum by going collecting or fishing, or if he wants to design Animal Crossing islands for the summer, Pascal wants fans to know that achieving a goal is more important than the time it takes to complete. This.

Enjoy it and it will never be a waste of time

No matter what is being done, if it brings pleasure, it should never seem like a waste of time. It may seem to some that a hobby is unimportant and not worth the time spent, but if it gives pleasure, then how can it be wasteful? Life is short, and it’s important to do what makes it better so as not to miss the time that matters. If fans make furniture for Animal Crossing in real life because it brings pleasure, then Pascal seems to think it’s worth spending time on. Pascal’s Wise Words are a long—awaited addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and there’s a lot to learn from these brief interactions with a scallop-loving sea otter.


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