Achieving Immortality “Another Reality” with mistakes


A unique look at cinema, “Immortality”, released on August 30. Since then, players have been watching various video clips and revealing the story of fictional actress Marissa Marcel and her fate after she disappeared. While Immortality was met positively and even received excellent ratings, it seems that one of the game achievements contains an error, even after revealing all the frames in the game.

Immortality is an interactive puzzle game in which players view various clips and materials from Marcel’s films. The game was created by Sam Barlow, who also created the acclaimed Her Story and its spiritual successor Telling Lies. Barlow teased the release of the game and its focus on solving riddles from 2020. Although many people had completed the game by this point, one mystery loomed: how to unlock a specific achievement in the game, and it looks like the achievement is being tapped.

While many players assumed that the achievement for the game was buggy after viewing the game menu and all in-game content, the official Immortality Twitter account posted a tweet on September 1 confirming that the achievement called “Another Reality” was not unlocking properly. The tweet also acknowledges several other bugs in the game, such as the Xbox Series X/S version of the game hanging in the middle of the credits. However, some players have stated that they are also facing a hang error in the Steam version. Although freezes and crashes in modern versions are not surprising, this does not make the game less unpleasant for players.

While there was no timeline for when to expect fixes other than “soon,” it looks like some workarounds have been discovered to unlock the elusive “Other Reality” achievement. The description of the achievement reads: “I saw all the perverted shots. I LIKE TALKING TO YOU.” The Steam community has released some patch notes that supposedly fixed the problem in the PC version of the game, although other bugs still persist. While there are issues with the game, there are currently no plans to remove the game from the Steam store or remove it from the Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Marketplace.

Considering that Immortality is an indie game developed by at least a few people, it’s not surprising that there are a few bugs in the game, but there are no bugs breaking the game like in the Switch version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. However, Sam Barlow seems to have dedicated himself to fixing and polishing his latest game.

Immortality is already available on PC and Xbox Series X/S, a mobile version is also in development.


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