Acer launches wireless headset models in India


Increasingly expanding its area of ​​operation in more different segments, the manufacturer Acer now presents in the Indian market its newest bet to compete among the more and more popular headphones totally wireless with three new launches.

Of the trio there is one that stands out the most because of its very characteristic design. The GAHR012 Gateway not only takes inspiration but takes a step further and copies Apple’s AirPods Pro, offering the same design as the much more expensive accessory, but without all the main features, of course.

With the design almost identical to that of the Apple headset, the Acer headset arrives with a battery life of up to 4 hours, wireless charging case with USB-C, IPX4 water resistance, touch navigation for music control and virtual assistant, in addition to Bluetooh 5.1 connectivity.

For the extremely low price, the accessory lacks support for active noise cancellation and it is clear that the sound quality is also expected to be at least satisfactory, not as powerful as more expensive models in premium categories.

The other two models presented for India include the Gateway GAHR010 (above) and Gateway GAHR011, headphones with a very different design than the GAHR012.

Both have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, but charging cases are somewhat different. While the GAHR010 includes a single-ended USB-A cable that is integrated into the case, the GAHR011 has a magnetic charging base where the user positions the case itself, as you can see in the image below.