Acer Launches Three Models of Gamer Monitors From the Predator Line


Acer: One of the biggest references in the gamer market, Acer is betting on new Predator line monitors to please the most diverse player profiles. The highlight of the time are its new Predator CG437K S, Predator X38 S and Predator X28. Learn more about them all below!

Predator CG437K S

With its 42.5 inches, this giant UHD monitor (3840×2160) supports HDMI 2.1 on a pair of dedicated ports, fitting like a glove for both the most modern consoles and PCs. Thanks to NVIDIA G-SYNC, both the GPU and the monitor always work in perfect sync for smooth gameplay! If the idea is to play in style, the RGB lighting strips can even be tuned to your favorite media ensuring a special touch to the monitor.

Predator X38 S

This monitor is most recommended for esports enthusiasts as it offers a UWQHD+ 175 HZ curved screen and 0.3 G to G response time. In practice, this serves to avoid any ghosting in the image, and you can still enjoy eight preset display modes for added convenience. To save even more effort, Acer ColorSense and LightSense ensure that the brightness and color temperature are always at the correct levels. Finally, G-SYNC Esports brings a pre-set image without lag for the most competitive games!

Predator X28

With 28 inches and 155Hz screen, this gamer monitor has Delta E<1 color accuracy and 1ms G to G response time. UHD (3840×2160), it still uses Acer ProxiSense so that the best image is always displayed regardless of your lighting. Like the X38 S, it also has Acer LightSense and ColorSense features, with the BlueLightShield Pro as a great feature, which serves to selectively filter blue light emissions. Its narrow bezels and slim profile ensure it fits well in most setups!

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