Ace Ventura to win new movie in theaters


Ace Ventura 3 is in development by Morgan Creek in partnership with Amazon, in the hands of Pat Casey and Josh Miller, a duo of Sonic: The Movie writers. The revelation of a possible continuation of the iconic franchise, starring Jim Carrey, took place in an interview with Park Circus – a distribution company specializing in classics. It has not yet been released whether the actor will be involved in the project.

In the statement, the studio responsible for Ace Ventura: A Different Detective (1994), Ace Ventura 2: A Madman in Africa (1995) and other cult productions from the 1980s and 1990s commented on plans for a comedy release in theaters. However, it did not clarify whether it will be a direct sequel or some form of remake, as well as whether it will reach the streaming service.

“We are very excited about the development of the franchise; from fan conversations on Ace Ventura’s official Facebook page, it’s remarkable that people want a third chapter. During the pandemic, the public is passionate and thrilled to have their beloved characters brought back with new stories, ”said the Morgan Creek team.

The statement said that due to the pandemic, new content was scarce. Thus, the public showed an interest in revisiting old productions, which resulted in a high popularity of reboots and remakes of established franchises.

The company highlighted its intentions to take its film library to new multiplatform projects. In addition to Ace Ventura, titles such as Claw of Champions, Young Gunmen, Gemini – Morbid Similarity and Dark Race are other examples of properties that should win a reinvention, whether on the big screen or streaming.


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