Ace Attorney Characters Are On Anti-Drug Campaign In Japan


Ace Attorney: Capcom announced this Thursday (09) that characters from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be part of a new marijuana awareness campaign. The action will be focused on children and adolescents and will be carried out by the Osaka Prefectural Police.

The developer mentioned in a press release that since 2013 it has been working with the Osaka Prefectural Police on crime-fighting initiatives. This year, for the first time, the game characters will be on more than 6,000 posters, which from this Thursday will be posted in subway and train stations, educational institutions and police stations.

In addition, more than 4,000 pamphlets will be distributed, accompanied by gift masks, individually wrapped. In the images released by Capcom, you can see the classic “objection” posture of the game on the poster, in addition to the word “No!” written in red with the font present in the game.

Other contributions

As mentioned above, Capcom has already collaborated with other actions in the country that used content from its games. In 2020, for example, it was the turn of the character Ryu, from Street Fighter, to debut an initiative to prevent cybercrime. In this case, in addition to posters, Ryu participated in educational videos that were shown in public places.