Accusing Epic Games of asking for special treatment


After allegedly not complying with the rules of the App Store, Apple accuses Epic Games of requesting special treatment for the Fortnite case, presenting evidence.

Surely at Epic Games they imagined that the changes in Fortnite’s monetization model would bring consequences, and indeed, the mess with Apple and Google is not only served, but it has no prospect of ending in the short term. With Fornite Season 4 about to start, Epic Games will also be busy in legal matters, since the apple company has filed a new complaint, accusing them of having asked for special treatment. Meanwhile, speculators do their particular August on eBay …

During the past few days it was Epic Games that started the lawsuits, denouncing Apple for bad practices in the App Store, accusing the iPhone manufacturer of dominance position. This, for its part, alleged that the creators of Fortnite were not willing to respect the rules of the digital platform, and that as long as that continues in that way, the game will not return to the store.

Due to this, Apple now accuses Epic Games of having requested particular agreements regarding Fortnite, under special rules, and as a sample they have presented several emails from Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic.

Why the controversy between the two?

As we said, it all began as a result of a change in Fortnite’s direct payment system, according to which 30% of the commissions for the sale of PaVos were avoided that obviously went to Apple and Google, which also has removed the game from Google Play. In this way, if we accessed the Epic Games store from our mobile, we would see the price of the Fortnite virtual currency already lowered by 30%, while if we did it from both platforms the price continued to be the same as always. Thus began a controversy that does not seem to end soon.

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