Accuser Spreads False Information To Many Journalists, Chorong Apink Takes Legal


The bullying case in which a netizen claimed to be a victim of Apink’s Chorong has now found a new point in the process. Through the Taelim law firm, which represents Apink’s Chorong in this case, they said that they will take legal action after several months since the first report of the alleged victim (hereinafter referred to as A).

A is known to have spread false information to many reporters in March 2021 where A was sued by the law firm Taelim on April 1, 2021.

For the past 7 months, the police have conducted interviews ranging from acquaintances with Apink’s Chorong to acquaintances with the accuser. The police decided that the accuser should be charged with racketeering and forwarded to the public prosecutor.

The police also added that there was no evidence that there was any bullying that was alleged against A Pink’s Chorong.

In addition, Taelim’s law firm will take legal action against anyone who spreads accusations without reason or unilaterally online.