“Accordingly, only 3.9% …” — a Local Pub in London Produces Beer Dedicated to Prince Harry.


The Royal family of Great Britain has been constantly making headlines over the past few months. After the death of Queen Elizabeth III, everyone, especially Prince Harry and Meghan, have become a hot topic, and fans can’t tear themselves away from the drama that revolves around them. In addition, thanks to a recent documentary series on Netflix, the popularity of the couple has increased dramatically.

London, as we all know, is extremely popular for its pubs and local bars. These places are of great importance to people and have deep roots in their culture. Most of the social and political discussions among the masses take place in these places. Recently, the royal family has become a popular topic of discussion, especially in London. Everyone has their own opinion on this, just like a pub in West London that did something very unusual.

A pub in West London has gone viral after naming a drink after Prince Harry

Recently, the Netflix TV series “Harry and Meghan” was released on our screens, which gives viewers an idea of how the royal family works. The show has become a topic of discussion among the masses, fans are storming the Internet with their reviews. While some sharply criticized the show, others hailed it as “nothing to dislike.” However, a pub in west London decided to do something unexpected.


Recently, the Duke of Sussex pub in Chiswick decided to dedicate a beer, namely “Harry’s Bitter”, to Prince Harry. This happened shortly after the release of the third episode of the documentary series. A local resident even took to Twitter after discovering this new drink. A Twitter user wrote: “Thanks to the Duke of Sussex Pub in Chiswick, West London, for this wonderful British response to Harry and Meghan’s self-pity show on Netflix.” Accordingly, with an alcohol content of only 3.9%, Harry’s Bitter is as weak as its namesake.

Interestingly, the badge on the beer tap is the badge of Prince Harry himself in a red and blue theme. However, the drink is weak with very little alcohol content. While some fans played along with the tweet, others found it unnecessarily mean.


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