According to US polls, Biden is 7.2 points ahead of Trump


According to polls two days before the 59th presidential election in the USA, Democrat Joe Biden is 7.2 points ahead of his Republican opponent Donald Trump.

According to the political analysis site “Real Clear Politics”, which compiles almost all the polls conducted across the country, Biden maintains his advantage over Trump in recent polls.

In recent polls in critical states, Biden appears to be ahead of Trump, albeit by a few points.

According to the polls, Biden, one of the two candidates competing head to head in Florida, one of the most critical states of the elections, is ahead of his opponent by 0.7 points, while he is ahead of Trump by 4 points in Pennsylvania.

Biden seems to outperform Trump with 6.2 points in Michigan, 6 in Wisconsin, 0.3 in North Carolina and 1.1 in Arizona.

However, in surveys in all 6 critical states, it is noteworthy that Trump has noticeably reduced the difference with Biden compared to a few weeks ago.

Early votes exceeded 93 million
On the other hand, it was reported that the number of votes cast in the early voting process, which is still ongoing in the USA, exceeded 93 million.

According to the data of the “Elections Project” site, which compiles the number of votes in the US elections, as of November 1, the number of early votes cast in the country exceeded 93.2 million.

Approximately 59 million votes were cast by mail, while approximately 34 million votes were cast in polling stations.

More than 150 million votes are expected in this year’s elections in the US, according to the same site.

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