According to the author, this was heartbreaking death


The fourth season of La Casa de Papel launched on Netflix in early April with all the new episodes of the Spanish series. However, not all of the characters made it out alive with Nairobi killed in a heartbreaking twist.

Viewers will recall that Gandia released her only for him to shoot her dead as she walked away. The death was devastating for fans of the show La Casa de Papel, as well as her fellow characters.

According to the La Casa de Papel writer, this was not the death they most regretted in the heist drama. He also admitted that if they had known, they would have reconsidered killing Berlin.

Fans will remember how in the second part of the show she sacrificed herself to give her fellow thieves a chance to escape. Fortunately, the show La Casa de Papel had the brilliant idea to bring him back in a series of flashbacks.

It seems that there is also the possibility that Berlin was doomed from the start. This is because the creator of the series Álex Pina revealed in a documentary that accompanies La Casa de Papel, the Phenomenon.

However, it doesn’t seem like season five is the last time viewers will see the beloved character. Pina has previously revealed how she has considered a La Casa de Papel spin-off for the character.

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