According to rumors, the Hollywood movie “Fast and Furious” from Universal Studios is moving forward, and it sounds wild


Universal Studios Hollywood was the first Universal park, one of the first of its kind, but it has always found it difficult to expand and develop like other theme parks do, due to its limited size and location. It doesn’t have as many massive rides that other parks are known for, but now it looks like USH has found a creative way to use its space to describe a brand new roller coaster that is rumored to be dedicated to the Fast & Furious is absolutely insane.

If you’re not familiar with the layout of Universal Studios Hollywood, it’s important to first understand that the theme park is basically split in half. It consists of the upper part, where the entrance to the park, the Studio Tour loading area and smaller attractions such as 3D movies and dark rides are located, and the lower part, where most new and large attractions can be found, including those that are currently banned. construction of Super Nintendo Land. Moving between them is quite difficult, as there is a massive multi-tiered system of stairs/escalators that lifts and lowers you.

The new permit, published by Alicia Stella of Orlando ParkStop, is for geotechnical studies of the new outdoor roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood, and the description of the roller coaster sounds incredible. Apparently, it will start on the upper section, but will descend to the lower one and even loop on the stairs.

Universal Studios Hollywood is built next to Universal Studios itself, right in the center of Burbank, which makes the growth and expansion of this park much more difficult than for most others. But this is a fantastic use of space, because the only place where there is technically a place in the park is the gap between the two plots. You can’t very easily build anything in that gap, but you can certainly build over it.

There are rumors that the new roller coasters will be based on the Fast & Furious franchise, and although this is not confirmed anywhere in the new documentation, the fact that brand new roller coasters are now generally confirmed certainly reinforces this particular rumor. Fast & Furious is Universal’s largest current franchise, and while the property is represented at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, Fast & Furious Supercharged as an attraction is neither fast nor furious. At USH, it’s part of a studio tour.

A roller coaster is exactly what this brand needs, and one that can do incredible things like fly between two parts of the park and even circle around guests using a stairwell is pretty great. Of course, this coaster is at a very early stage, so it will be quite a while before we can really test it, but what a ride it will be.


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