According to rumors, the game “Iron Man” needs Anthem flight mechanics


After the unprecedented success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s no surprise that AAA-level Marvel games are becoming more common. Insomniac got started with Marvel’s excellent Spider-Man, and while Marvel’s Avengers was controversial, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy proved to be a memorable game. As Skydance’s Marvel game is in development alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Insomniac’s Marvel’s Wolverine, the future looks bright.

However, if you believe the rumors, then two Marvel games from EA are also in development. The first is the Black Panther game, a project recently discussed by industry insider Jeff Grubb. After that, the well-known leader Tom Henderson announced that EA could also work on a game about Iron Man, although they warned that they were not completely sure of the information and were waiting for confirmation. However, if this game does come out, Anthem will become an EA game, which should undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for the mechanics of Iron Man’s flight.

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Anthem’s Flight shone Where other games Struggled

Despite the disappointing cancellation of Anthem 2.0, some fondly remember the game because of its strong gameplay. Javelin’s abilities were fun to use even with the poor variety of enemies in the game, and although the Anthem world was mostly empty, traveling through it was a joy. The reason for this was the oily smooth mechanics of the flight, as zooming in the air was just right. The character had a lot of weight, but it was still very well controlled, as players could easily stop in the air or turn around.

Raw speed is something that is absolutely necessary for a single—player Iron Man game. Racing through the sky in bright armor is a huge character trait of Tony Stark, where the key word is speed. If the single-player Iron Game ends up having the same slow playthrough as Marvel’s Avengers, it’s hard to imagine it becoming a hit with fans. Players should be able to clear the map quickly, and in addition, they should have freedom in how high they can fly and how often they can move — something that Anthem has absolutely provided.

Another disadvantage of passing Marvel’s Avengers is that flying characters cannot rise very high in the air, as they quickly reach the borders of the map if they move towards the sky. While these limitations are disappointing, they are understandable for a game that uses multiple heroes rather than one. A game created specifically for Iron Man doesn’t have that luxury, and it needs to be sure that players can travel above the clouds or to the top of skyscrapers whenever they see fit. Anthem provides quite a bit of freedom when flying through the alien environment of Coda, which is another reason why it should be considered when developing this supposed Iron Man game.

Just as Anthem made flying important for completing levels, Iron Man needs to do the same, but to an even greater extent. Players should be able to attack while flying, drop missiles at enemies below and fight aerial opponents while in the sky. Iron Man should rarely fight on the ground, as the hero shows himself best when he is in the air, shooting at enemies with his repulsers. While some ground battles are obviously necessary, they shouldn’t be as important to the experience as what happens in the sky.

Despite the fact that Iron Man has appeared in many video games, Anthem is the closest to conveying the hero’s fighting style and movements. BioWare itself is full of plates with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Mass Effect 4, so it’s unlikely that the studio will apply its experience with Anthem to this rumored Iron Man game. However, any EA developer who uses Armored Avenger should pay attention to Anthem and its flight mechanics, as it provides the perfect blueprint for a Tony Stark-centric game.

There are rumors that a game about Iron Man is in development.


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