According to Rumors, The Composition of SK Gaming LoL for LEC 2023


SK Gaming LoL consists of two LFL champions who will strengthen their team in the upcoming LEC 2023 season. Having a bigger budget gave them more freedom in creating their roster and brought two experienced players to the top team to complement the duo from the LFL.

The composition of SK Gaming LoL LEC 2023

Main road

Joel “Irrelevant” Sharoll is familiar with LEC, as he has already played as part of Misfits Gaming. When the organization dropped out of the league, SK Gaming took the chance to catch a German top-line player. This tweet by Alejandro Gomis shows that Irrelevant has already reached a verbal agreement with SK, and that the larger budget of the organization allowed them to make this acquisition.


As in the case of Irrelevant, Mark “Markoon” van Voensel also changes the team. He has been playing for Excel LEC since June 2021, right after playing for their academy squad. In the spring of this year, Excel reached the playoffs for the first time in its history, and again in the summer. Meanwhile, SK Gaming failed to reach both playoffs. Strengthening the top of their team with experienced players may be exactly what they need.

He will take the place of Erberk “Gilius” Demir. The destination of Gilius, if he leaves the organization, is still unknown.

Mid Lane

Daniel “Sertuss” Gamani is the only gear in the SK car that does not change. According to the Global Contract Database, his contract with the organization is valid until the end of the 2023 season, so we can expect more from Sertus in the upcoming splits. He started playing for SK in the spring of 2022 when he was acquired from the Misfits’ Academy Misfits Premier team.

Bot Lane

Thomas “Exakick” Fuku is being acquired from LDLC OL to become an advertising agent for SK Gaming in the upcoming season. As if to compensate for the experienced top team, Exakick was transferred from LFL SK to play in the LEC for the first time. At the same time, it cannot be said that he is completely inexperienced — he and his LDLC OL team were champions of the spring and summer LFL 2022, both times beating BDS Academy for the title.

It seems that SK Gaming fought hard for this player, because, according to LEC Wooloo, Exakick was interested in at least three other organizations. Fnatic, Team Vitality and MAD Lions have been eyeing the player, but it looks like he will be playing under the SK banner in the upcoming season.


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