According to rumors, Fuekoko’s hidden ability can create or break the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet meta


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will probably get another trailer or gameplay demo soon, as summer is already very close, and that’s when the information release cycle usually gets more intense for new Pokemon core games. However, after two trailers for Generation 9 games, fans of the series still have virtually no idea what the starting characters will look like when they develop, or what their combat abilities will be, which are most often characteristics that greatly affect the ending. choosing which creature to choose. Recently, of the three starters, Fuecoco has been attracting a lot of attention because of the information coming from the famous leader of the Riddler Hu.

Khu has been constantly leaking information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for some time, and their track record is impeccable for previous releases, such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus. One of the recent mysteries of Khu is related to the hidden ability of Fuekoko, and its clue is a short GIF animation of a fire—type Pokemon expressing joy after finding an apple – a scene from the trailer of the June Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hidden abilities are often unlocked through events or further after the official release of games, for example, what happened to the three starting players from Pokemon Sword and Shield when Skorbanni got a Libero and became one of the best creatures in the meta. Similarly, rumors about Fuekoko’s hidden ability can improve or break the 9th generation meta depending on how good or bad it is.

The effect of Berry-related Abilities on Fuekoko in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are various variations of Fuekoko’s hidden ability when considering the GIF posted by Hu, and they are all based on Pokemon abilities that involve eating in one form or another. The existing abilities that immediately come to mind are “Gluttony” and “Maturation”, and “Gluttony” was once very popular in competitive tournaments, and “Maturation” is now an exclusive ability of the Applin line from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Gluttony activates the effects of Berries depending on the health threshold at 50%, not 25% of the remaining health, while Ripening doubles the effects of retained Berries when they are eaten in battle, and this affects almost all categories of Berries, including those that reduce damage from certain types. or it cures.

The fact that Ripen exists makes Gluttony a bit redundant and situational compared to Ripen being the best of the two in most scenarios. Gluttony, on the other hand, might be more desirable in the case of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet if it were limited to only a few Pokemon, such as the Fuecoco evolution line. However, both of these abilities can be very powerful in PvP, because Berry’s usage is often extremely high, and the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet meta are unlikely to be any different in this regard. It is noteworthy that from the point of view of design, it makes sense to use Ripen for Fuecoco, because the exclusive ability of the Applin line is completely devoted to apples.

Another similar ability is the Cheek Pouch, which restores health when eating berries (both the user and the enemy, using techniques such as “Bug Bite” or “Plucking”), and this can also be very useful for the supposed Fire/Ghost hybrid, since it already exists. several resistances and two immunity. However, it should be noted that the Cheek Pouch is usually designed exclusively for rodents such as Dedenne or the Skwovet line, and thematically it does not correspond to the Fuecoco design philosophy. However, Cheek Pouch can indeed prove to be an incredibly powerful ability for beginners, because it can be used in combination with defensive berries that reduce incoming damage from super-effective attacks, thus healing damage or almost nullifying it.

What Pokemon abilities won’t benefit Fuekoko

Two other abilities that may be Fuekoko’s hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Thick Fat and Unnerve, although neither of them would actually be that useful in the case of a cute fire—type crocodile. Fat Fat is an Ability that provides resistance to damage from Ice and Fire movements, which are already types that Fuekoko will naturally resist by 50%, being a fire Pokemon. This will mean that with Thick Fat, Fuekoko will effectively resist both fire and ice type attacks by 75% in total. Another disadvantage of thick fat is that it is usually given to Pokemon with a low basic speed characteristic, which is almost never good in competitive matches.

On the other hand. there is Unnerve, an ability that is mostly useful in double battles due to its effects applied to both opponents, but not so much in single battles. This is because it would be possible to sacrifice a cell of Abilities for something that does not allow the opposing creatures to eat their Berries, although in fact they cannot have them.