According to reports, WWE is trying to smooth over the problems with Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks and Naomi left the May 16 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw and have not been seen or heard from since, and a recent report indicates that the company may be trying to mend that relationship. Banks and Naomi were the women’s team champions at the time, but were stripped of those titles and suspended after withdrawing from the tournament. A tournament was announced to identify new champions among women, but fans have not heard anything about this possibility for several weeks.

As for why they decided to leave, Banks and Naomi were apparently unhappy with the way WWE was handling the women’s team division. They were invited to the main event of Raw, at which they left, but they had to be given separate instructions for a one-on-one feud. Naomi was supposed to meet Bianca Belair at Hell In A Cell, based on what is known about booking this show, where she probably would have lost. Meanwhile, Banks was reportedly scheduled to meet Ronda Rousey, a feud she would probably also lose.

Creative hasn’t had anything for them since, and neither Banks nor Naomi have spoken publicly about the incident. WWE buried the now former tag team champions after their departure, but has not mentioned them in the past few weeks. Now Raj Giri reports that WWE may be trying to mend relations with Banks. He tweeted the following from his @TheRajGiri account: “Here’s what I know about Sasha Banks. She was released on June 10 and came from Erica Schreiber, vice president of business and legal affairs for talent relations. As for why WWE didn’t say anything. or they deleted it, there are rumors that the management is trying to smooth over the situation.”

Considering everything that is happening in WWE right now, this is an interesting development. Bruce Pritchard replaced John Laurinaitis as head of the talent department after The Wall Street Journal published a high-profile report that Vince McMahon paid a former paralegal $3 million in silence money to keep their relationship secret. It is reported that the Talent was concerned about the transition from Laurinaitis to Pritchard because he was considered the less accessible of the two.

Last week, rumors began to spread that WWE had released Sasha Banks, but these reports were never confirmed, and she is still listed on the company’s current talent list. It is said that her lawyers are trying to break her contract with WWE, but at this stage she is still part of the federation. It remains to be seen whether WWE will be able to mend relations with Banks, but an unexpected return to the Royal Rumble will cause a stunning ovation.