According to reports, iOS will double Android!


A new report has come from IDC (International Data Corporation) that Apple will make significant strides in the smartphone industry before unveiling the iPhone 13 series in September. In this report of IDC, an increase of 7.4 percent is expected in Android smartphone shipments for 2021; says that this rate can be as high as 13.8 percent for iPhones.

Last June, the news that Apple sold 100 million iPhone 12s took the world by surprise. Now, with the new introduction expected in September, the US technology giant, which will start selling the iPhone 13 series, says that even though the pandemic process has not lost its effect all over the world, India, Japan, the Middle East and Africa markets help increase sales.

According to IDC, the whole world will need a few more years to complete the 5G infrastructure. In this process, the costs of 5G chip production are not expected to decrease. On the contrary, many companies suffering from chip problems due to the pandemic will reflect this invoice to their users.

The average sales amount of devices using 5G, which does not decrease in production costs, is expected to remain stable at $ 632. On the other hand, the average selling price of 4G devices, which had an average selling price of $277 last year, is expected to drop to $206.

As a result, the total 5G shipment volume is planned to increase by 123.4 percent compared to last year, to 570 million units. Apple, which has India, Japan, the Middle East and Africa behind it, plans to increase its share of the cake.

How will Apple achieve this?

Apple, which is expected to use the LEO satellite communication system in the upcoming iPhone 13 series, will allow users to make voice calls and messaging directly over satellite without mobile data.

It is starting to become standard in 5G after 4.5G all over the world. However, most of the world still remains outside the coverage area. Moreover, we did not include the oceans.

Apple, which will use a special chip in its devices, is said to be working with the American satellite company Globalstar. It is said that the company aims to implement only low-speed data communication for now, support these new communication infrastructure systems and develop them over time.

Although the company, which plans to use the specially developed Qualcomm X60 chipset in its devices, will initially only support voice calls and message sending features, we will be able to meet all our communication needs without the need for 4.5G and 5G, thanks to this technology in the future.

This may be Apple’s final plan, which we know has been working on its own satellite communications for a long time. If it aims to give its users the opportunity to use 6GHz and 5G features without the need for an agreement with any operator, we can say that it aims to make its own cake, not to take a large share of the cake.

In our news, we shared with you the smartphone market that is expected to grow next year and how Apple plans to increase its market share in this market. Do not forget to share your views on the subject with us in the comments.


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