According to Jungkook fans, he has a tattoo on his back


BTS fans love Jungkook’s tattoos but this idol might have one engraved on his back. On several occasions, ARMY has captured some moments where Jungkook’s tattoos are revealed in front of them, although this idol tends to hide them when it comes to television performances or online broadcasts, the tattoos of BTS’s maknae have been partially exposed.

After the release of the video for ON, a tune that belongs to the album Map Of The Soul: 7, fans began to suspect that Jungkook had more tattoos than they believed, since the clothes that the idol wore, gave them a little look at the Kookie’s torso.

Although many of these theories were previously discarded, pointing out that it could be shadows or makeup for the filming of this music video, there is a tattoo that continues to arouse ARMY’s curiosity.

BTS is currently preparing to release a new album, but up to this point, fans of the K-Pop group are still wondering if Jungkook’s back has a tattoo that he has not yet clearly shown.

The rumors began after the revelation of some images from the ON filming where Jungkook placed his hands on the floor and his shirt showed a mark on his back.

The images are not of great quality, so it is difficult to determine if it is a real tattoo, but fans of Bangtan Sonyeondan’s maknae hope that if it is true, they will be able to see what Jungkook’s tattoo looks like at some point.

Jungkook’s birthday is near and the celebrations in honor of this idol have already started in South Korea.

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