According to Huawei, we will charge the phone with laser


We may be in the era of phones with more power than a laptop, with flexible screens and multiple cameras, but we must continue to charge them in the ‘traditional’ way as decades ago: connecting them to a cable and plugging it into the power. Although there is also the ‘wireless’ charging variant using wireless bases, whose only downside is that it takes longer than conventional cable recharging.

What if there was a more current method, more worthy of the cutting-edge technology that today’s smartphones assemble? There is, and Huawei is developing it.

Charge the mobile by laser

Huawei is currently developing a new technology that allows the mobile phone to be charged by laser just by being in an equipped room, without the need to connect it to the power by cable or place it on a wireless charging base.

This new technology was unveiled during the month of July, when Huawei originally filed the patent, emphasizing that this system would permanently eliminate cables in the charging process.

And it is that the comfort of detaching from the physical cable is maximum, of course. As the Chinese company explains in a video published by Huawei’s US division, this charging system works like this: One or more charging modules that emit laser signals are installed in a room, creating a ‘wireless’ charging environment that It does not need physical cables, and it allows simultaneous charging of devices that are in the environment and are compatible with this technology.

In this way, you could be recharging your mobile, tablet and smartwatch just by having them next to the table where you use the laptop or next to the TV, without plugging in physical cables to the energy network. As we read in Android Authority, this system uses a type of sensors located in phones, similar to solar batteries.

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