According to Calvin Kleinen: “Temptation Island V.I.P.” it’s knocking


The upcoming VIP season on Temptation Island can be quite explosive! On October 4, the final loyalty test will enter a new round. It has also recently become known which couples will test their relationships on television: Luigi Birofio and Michel Dano, Sandra Sikora (30) and Tommy Pedroni, Aurelio Savina (44) and Lala Aluas, as well as Christina Demetriou (30) and Alexander Petrovich (31). ). The fragments between the candidates could well fly apart – at least, the candidate of the cult “Island of Temptations” Calvin Kleinen (30) suspects this in an interview with Promiflash!

Calvin expresses his suspicion to Promiflash that there may be a real explosion on Temptation Island. “I suspect that it will definitely crash,” the rapper is sure. He can well imagine that Christina will create problems, as well as Aurelio and his partner Lala: “I think these two will offend a little. Aurelio is one hundred percent alpha animal.”

Calvin, on the other hand, doesn’t see the couple causing controversy – Gigi and Michelle will probably get along well with all the other candidates, he believes. “Both are very nice,” Casanova justified his assessment.


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