According to a Study, the Life of Corona Virus Patients is Shortened At Least 10 Years

Microscopic illustration of the spreading 2019 corona virus that was discovered in Wuhan, China. The image is an artisic but scientific interpretation, with all relevant surface details of this particular virus in place, including Spike Glycoproteins, Hemagglutinin-esterase, E- and M-Proteins and Envelope.

Striking results came from a study of the coronavirus epidemic, which affected the world and caused more than 3 million cases and more than 210 thousand deaths. In a study conducted by a group of researchers in Scotland, the shortening of the patients suffering from coronavirus over 10 years was calculated.

Honorary Consultant of the Institute of Public Health of Scotland, at Glasgow University. David McAllister conducted a research with his team using coronavirus outbreak data. Two types of calculations were made before and after adjustments according to the number and type of chronic diseases present in the study.

The results, he says, show that people with coronavirus lose an average of 10 to 13 years from their potential lives. Indicating that the said period is a similar loss of time like problems such as coronary heart disease, McAllister emphasized that people and governments should not underestimate the effects of coronavirus.

Those who suffer from coronavirus have a shorter life span of 10 to 13 years:
Study; It was calculated that the average number of years of life expectancy of people who lost their lives with their existing health status, even if they did not get coronavirus. Accordingly, even in people who do not have chronic diseases, coronavirus has been shown to significantly shorten life expectancy. In other words, chronic diseases do not reduce “lost years” much. People who do not have these diseases are exposed to ‘lost years’ as well as those. It was observed that the “lost years” in patients with coronavirus were 13 in men and 11 in women.

Within the scope of the research, the data in Italy were evaluated. The ages and health conditions of the people who died in this country due to coronavirus were compared with the data of people who did not have coronavirus but lost their lives in a similar health condition. For this comparison, World Health Organization (WHO), Secure Anonymous Information Network (SAIL) data and information in the UK Health Database were used.


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