According to these three metrics used by the famous analyst, the bull run is on the way!


The three new Bitcoin metrics point to an upward flight, although the $ 10k level on the BTC / USD pair is still inaccessible recently.

As Asset Manager Timothy Peterson from Cane Island Alternative Advisors explains, Bitcoin is still showing bullish firmly, according to the metrics it uses.

200-Day Moving Average, Metcalfe’s Law and Lowest Price
Peterson: “I follow 3 Bitcoin metrics: Metcalfe’s law, low price and 200-day moving average.” he reported.

“On the 29th of April, the fourth convergence took place. In the previous three convergences, a significant upward trend in price was observed. ”

Convergence a few years ago occurred just before Bitcoin’s bull run, which began in April 2019.

The 200-day moving average metric often played a role in determining long-term support and resistance levels for the price. Currently this average is around $ 8,000.

Bitcoin’s Metcalfe law metric is also known for measuring the value of a network by the square of the number of users.

On the other hand, the lowest price metric provides a minimum value for BTC / USD on a given date. As a result of these metrics, Peterson stated that the value of December 31, 2020 was $ 10,400.

PlanB Still In Game
Quant analysts suggested that Bitcoin received a hit from the third block subsidy earlier this month.

There was a price drop days before the half-time event, followed by improvement, followed by a slight decline during this week.

Regardless, Bitcoin price is still seen in the stock-flow model price range.

The creator of the model, PlanB, said that a price of $ 288,000 that would occur after the split was unrealistic.


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