According to the Russian Doctor, the Coronavirus “Came Forever”


Russian doctor Aleksandr Myasnikov said that even after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the new type of coronavirus will not completely disappear. The disease will be permanent after the coronavirus outbreak.

Studies are ongoing for the coronavirus pandemic, which affects life negatively throughout the world. Russian doctor Aleksandr Myasnikov was one of those who claimed that the disease would continue to appear after the outbreak ended.

Myasnikov made new statements for the new type of coronavirus Covid-19. According to the doctor, we will deal with the disease, but in the future, new versions of this disease will appear. The total number of coronavirus variants will be seven.

Myasnikov: “It has come forever now”
Mysanikov said in his statement: “Kovid-19 has come forever now and will not go from now on. Just as their sibling coronaviruses cause acute respiratory diseases worldwide, this virus will join six species of human coronavirus and we will now have seven coronaviruses. ” used the expression.

According to the doctor’s statement, the citizens of Russia are waiting for the second wave, just like in the rest of the world. Still, according to the doctor, when this second wave arrives, societies will have gained herd immunity and the disease will not be as dangerous as it is in the future.

The coronavirus outbreak affects the world
The World Health Organization revealed on March 11 that the coronavirus is a pandemic. The total number of cases worldwide surpassed 1.7 million. The total number of death cases has exceeded 107 thousand. The number of healed people was announced as 395 thousand people.

The coronavirus epidemic first started in China. The outbreak that started in Wuhan province has been taken under control at the zero point according to the Chinese administration’s statements. The Western world is trying to deal with the pandemic. The United States is now the country where the epidemic is most common and the most deaths occur.

Serious precautions are taken in our country due to coronavirus. In Turkey, the total number of death according to the latest figures reached 1,101. Studies are underway around the world to control the epidemic.


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