According to a Research, Artificial Intelligence Can Be Misleading in Search of Extraterrestrial Life


A new study showed that artificial intelligence can fool people about extraterrestrial life. In the study, it was determined that artificial intelligence could misinterpret the findings and these misinterpretations could mislead people.

Humanity has been looking for evidence of life for creatures that have existed in another corner of the universe or have existed for a long time. Although studies for extraterrestrial life continue, there is no evidence to date. However, as technology evolves, working tools in this field are getting more and more evident to obtain evidence.

One of the topics that have been studied for some time is that artificial intelligence is also involved in the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, a study shows that artificial intelligence can be misleading for people in this field.

A research was carried out at Cadiz University in Spain to see if artificial intelligence could be used to investigate evidence of extraterrestrial life. In the research, images obtained from the dwarf planet Ceres were used.

There are bright spots in a crater called Occator on Ceres’ surface. It is thought that bright spots that are not exactly determined what they are may be ice or salt particles.

One of the bright spots in the Occator shows a geometrical shape. Gabriel G. De la Torre from Cadiz University conducted a study to determine how people and artificial intelligence interpret these shapes.

During the study, geometric shapes from bright spots in Occator were shown to people and artificial intelligence. People said they saw a square shape in the image. Artificial intelligence detected a triangle next to the frame in the images it analyzed.

In the images before the detection of artificial intelligence, the triangle shape could not be detected by any participant. However, after the analysis of artificial intelligence, some participants said that they saw the triangle in the photos.

Based on the results of the study, De la Torre said that artificial intelligence would not be useful in seeking evidence of extraterrestrial life. De la explained that it is not known exactly what the square structure is, and the square and triangle detected by artificial intelligence can be a game of light or shadow.

De la Torre stated that the main purpose of the study was to see if artificial intelligence could interpret new patterns that could be overlooked with the human eye. Gabriel G. De la Torre added that the results showed that the use of artificial intelligence in this way would be misleading.


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