According to a New Theory, GTA V will be in Liberty City on PlayStation 5


Liberty City, which was canceled after GTA V started to be developed many years ago, can be seen with PlayStation 5. A new theory that arises suggests that GTA V, which will be adapted to PlayStation 5, will come with Liberty City.

Take-Two Interactive, the roof company of Rockstar, the developer of GTA, requested the cancellation of the GTA V Liberty City mod, which was developed by OpenIV in the past years. Liberty City, which was eagerly anticipated by GTA players when it started to be developed, is now back on the agenda.

A person using the bozidarilic username on Reddit claimed that GTA V, which will be released for PlayStation 5, may come with Liberty City expansion. Bozidarilic said that the GTA V trailer shown at the PlayStation 5 event did not satisfy the players, and that the Liberty City mode, which Take-Two had shelved in the past for this reason, decided to continue developing for PlayStation 5.

Bozidarilic claims that the PlayStation 5 expansion could be behind the Take-Two’s letter to developers trying to move Liberty City to GTA V to give up. According to Bozidarilic, Take-Two does not want any legacy Liberty City mod to jeopardize the pre-PlayStation 5 mod.

Allegations that Liberty City could come to GTA V’s PlayStation 5 adaptation were supported by a story shared by New York rap group City Morgue on Instagram. City Morgue recently shared a story for GTA saying they were working with Rockstar Games. People who saw the story of the City Morgue were hoped that Liberty City, a GTA V mod developed inspired by New York, continues to be developed.

It is currently unknown whether Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA, will really add Liberty City mod to GTA V. There is no official explanation regarding Bozidarilic’s claims yet. However, GTA fans are already curious about the Liberty City mode.


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