According To A New Report, It Is Not Possible To Play $ 400 For PlayStation 5


Bloomberg, who made an analysis of the upcoming PlayStation 5, announced that the game console would cost $ 450. If Sony wants to make its profit on PlayStation 4 on PlayStation 5, it will have to sell its new game console for at least $ 470.

PlayStation 5, which gamers have been waiting for a long time, will meet the consumers at the end of 2020. Sony is currently working on the new game console, and occasionally gives news that will excite gamers. Gamers are curious about the upcoming PlayStation 5’s price and design.

The emerging statistics reveal that Sony will follow a difficult pricing policy for PlayStation 5. Because analysis based on the approved features of PlayStation 5 reveals that the cost of PlayStation 5 has increased due to the shortages in the components. If these analyzes come true, we can say that PlayStation 5 will be more expensive than expected.

According to an analysis by Bloomberg, the production cost of PlayStation 5 per unit will be $ 450 (approximately $ 2,700). The main components that caused the price to rise so high will be DRAM and high speed NAND memory. So how does this production cost change compared to PlayStation 4? Let’s look at the answer to this question now.

PlayStation 4 was costing $ 381 (around $ 2,300) at the time of its release, and Sony offered the PlayStation 4 for $ 399. So the company made a clear $ 18 profit from each PlayStation 4. If Sony wants to get a similar gross profit margin on PlayStation 5, it will have to sell the PlayStation 5 for at least $ 470 (about $ 2,850 + taxes).

Gamers will also be able to meet Microsoft’s new game console Xbox Series X in 2020. The company has been making ambitious statements about the new game console for some time, but the price of the Xbox Series X has not been mentioned so far. Microsoft had offered Xbox One and Xbox One X for $ 499 in recent years, and pricing on Xbox Series X is likely to be similar. If Sony launches PlayStation 5 with a $ 70 price increase, Microsoft will have strengthened its hand a bit in the competition.


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