According to Conspiracy Theorists, Britain Applies Pressure to the Public, Even though the Coronavirus Hazard Ends

A UK government public health campaign is displayed in Piccadilly Circus, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, London, Britain, April 8, 2020. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

An assessment of coronavirus from one of the UK government’s official websites has been used by coronavirus conspirators. Conspiracy theorists claim that the coronavirus epidemic is over and the measures are continued to put pressure on the public, starting from the definition change on the official website.

The coronavirus outbreak spread to more than 180 countries and turned into a huge pandemic. Governments continue to take different measures to stop the outbreak. The measures taken by the governments are considered as oppression by people who think the coronavirus threat is artificial. Supporting conspiracy theories of coronavirus, these people are now using a new change as evidence against conspiracy theories.

The coronavirus epidemic was assessed as “High-Contagious Infectious Disease (HCID)” in January on the UK government’s “” website, but this phrase was changed with more information about the disease.

“The epidemic has ended. Restrictions to apply pressure to the public ”
The amendment of the HCID statement, which is a technical statement on the official website of the UK government, in March, was assessed by conspiracy theorists that the outbreak ended and the measures continued to exert pressure.

The screenshots of the website have been posted on several popular Facebook groups by David Icke, one of the leading conspiracy theorists in the UK. The image of the website shared by Icke spread quickly after a while. Washington Times, the right-wing news website that broadcasts in the USA, even published an article titled “Britain quietly reduced the status of virus threats before the isolation practices”.

The change is purely for technical reasons.
The British government’s inadequate measures against the coronavirus and its delay in taking some measures pushed the country into a difficult fight against coronavirus. However, the term HCID is purely technical and according to experts, its use for coronavirus is not correct at this stage.

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Professor Brendan Wren from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said that the phrase HCID is used for very deadly pathogens. Wren notes that coronavirus is highly contagious, but not one of the most lethal pathogens in terms of mortality. Brendan Wren said, “Only 1 percent of infected people succumb to the disease. This example should be compared with SARS with a death rate of 11 percent and Ebola with a death rate of 50 percent. ”

Saying that the UK administration’s removal of the HCID statement does not eliminate the seriousness of the virus epidemic, Wren warns about the serious risks arising from the nature of the infectious disease.


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