According to Bethesda, The Elder Scrolls VI Will Not Know Any More


A statement about The Elder Scrolls VI from The Elder Scrolls series, one of the biggest series in Bethesda’s hands, came. The company said that the players do not believe in The Elder Scrolls VI news.

In recent years, Bethesda has two different brands that it emphasizes at game fairs and other events. These brands, as you know, are Fallout and The Elder Scrolls . For some time, the company has been sharing either an endless version of Skyrim , an ESO content, or something about Fallout 76.

For fans, especially for The Elder Scrolls fans, most of them are not very meaningful because the players are waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI. For many years , some allegations about the game have been made seriously and some have not touched the tooth.

Bethesda employee: ‘Don’t expect news about The Elder Scrolls VI’

Bethesda’s next two projects are being carried out in secrecy. One of these games will be Starfield, a new sci-fi adventure game. It will be followed by The Elder Scrolls VI . We already know this part. On the other hand, according to Bethesda, what we can hear about the game this year will be limited. While Pete Hines responded to a message he was tagged on Twitter, he made it sort of formal.

Peter Hines said to a user who asked him when they could get information about the game, that they would do Starfield first and they would not give information about it for a year. Hines answered a question about Starfield as “One day” .

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Another user after this announcement by Hines said, “ Sunday? He interpreted it as ” Sub-reddit is about to go crazy “. Hines wrote briefly, ” It is not possible to tell you, enjoy your frustration .”

Bethesda games remain a mystery:

On the other hand, as it is understood from the explanations, the first game to be released will be Starfields . Considering that we know almost nothing about the game, it’s really hard to hear anything about The Elder Scrolls VI .

Looking at the explanation, Bethesda may not release the game for many more years. There is nothing new about the game, except for the game’s long-released trailer. We hope The Elder Scrolls VI is not like Half-Life 3.


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