According to an Analyst, PlayStation 5 Will Sell 15 Million in the First 1 Year


The price of PlayStation 5 is among the most curious issues and comments about the sales performance of the console are already coming. An analyst announced the sales expectations for Sony’s next-generation console.

Exciting waiting for PlayStation 5, Sony’s next-generation console continues. It is predicted that the PS5 will compete with rivals such as Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch Pro. However, it is difficult to comment on PS5’s potential sales, as its price is not yet clear.

Hideki Yasuda of the Japan-based market analysis company Ace Research Institute believes that the PS5 will reach unprecedented high sales figures. Yasuda thinks that both PS5 and PS4 will be sold 6 million units by March 31, 2021. With the decrease in PS4 production, PS5 orders are expected to have a busy holiday period.

Yasuda also believes that Sony will sell 15 million more PS5s by March 2022. The first production year of PS5 will give an idea of ​​how sales will progress in the future. PS4 has sold over 102 million copies worldwide, and expectations for the PS5 are high. Yasuda did not predict how the Xbox Series X will start. However, factors such as price and platform-specific games will determine the difference between consoles.

Yasuda’s analysis was published at the beginning of the Corona virus outbreak. That the outbreak is still affecting may affect Sony’s production and launch plans. The company recently announced that it will skip the PAX East event because of the Corona virus concern.

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