Access ban from Iran to Signal! Here are the details


Due to the new contract of the popular messaging application WhatsApp, a large digital migration has started all over the world. People turned to Telegram and Signal as the first choice. Telegram and Signal have attracted a lot of users thanks to the features and security they offer.

Iran cuts Signal’s bandwidth

Telegram, a popular application in Iran, is used a lot, especially with the channel system. Thanks to Telegram channels, people can reach many news. Users in Iran discovered Signal along with the WhatsApp privacy agreement. According to Al Jazeera, Signal users in Iran have reported connectivity issues with the app since Monday. The Open Observatory of Network Interference, a project that monitors internet censorship around the world, drew attention to the blockage of Monday Signal.

Some of the problems started on January 14, and the Iranian government demanded that the app be removed from the local store. This restriction effort by the Iranian government came with the emergence of WhatsApp’s privacy agreement. Signal reported on Twitter that the Iranian people do not deserve the restriction and are striving for an uncensored communication.


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