Angèle totally upset by the death of George Floyd!


“I can no longer breathe” … This sentence reasons all over the world. Here are the last words of George Floyd. Angèle is upset

It was a death that shocked the whole world. No one will forget the excruciating suffering in which George Floyd died. Angèle is totally upset.

2020… Time flies, and the violence against black Americans does not really change. The death of George Floyd proves that racism is still present in the American dream country.

George Floyd … A new name that adds to this long list of racial crimes in the United States. His death, filmed live, shocked the world.

As he repeated that he was having trouble breathing, a police officer continued to keep him on the ground, knee on his neck …

“I’m not breathing anymore, I’m suffocating, stop …”. These were the last words of George Floyd!

While passers-by asked the policeman to remove his weight from this poor man who had run out of strength, the latter took pleasure in killing him.


Four other police officers turned a deaf ear. And also prevented passers-by from taking action. This video goes around social networks.

Many celebrities have shared in the horrific death of this man. This is precisely the case with singer Angèle. Since yesterday, she shouts her sadness on her Instagram account.

Angèle is devastated! Because this is not a first! So she shared the photo of George Floyd on her Instagram account.

Words are so insufficient to describe this injustice that Angèle therefore did not write a message. Aside from the hashtag: #georgefloyd

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One thing is certain! Internet users are also in shock. Many have commented on this touching publication: “So sad, so unfair and so unimaginable! ”

Or again: “You have to recognize every human being, without trying to know if he is white, black, swarthy or red. When we consider humanity as one family, there can be no question of integration or inter-racial marriage. MALCOM X. ”

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