Academy Match Report: Tottenham Hotspur (Under-21) – 1:1 Manchester United (Under-21)


After a midweek draw in the Premier League International Cup, United’s youth team took to the field again against Tottenham Hotspur at the Lamex Stadium.

Zidane Iqbal, who has spent most of the season in the senior team so far, was surprised at United, and from the first minute it was clear what attracted the attention of Eric ten Haga.

Iqbal’s clever footwork kept the defender in the penalty area before he was knocked down, and in just the second minute United earned a penalty. Noam Emeran came up and sent the ball over the crossbar into the stands, missing a big chance to pick up the team earlier.

Soon after, Spurs had their own penalty, but there was nothing in it, and the referee quickly waved it away.

In the 11th minute, Bjorn Hardley got into trouble when he lost possession of the ball, and he had to take the Spurs player away to stop the counterattack, while receiving a yellow card.

A few minutes later, Alfie Devine from Spurs was running freely towards the United goal, but Radek Vitek got up to deflect the shot.

United prevailed on the pitch in the 22nd minute and Shola Shoretair attacked his man from the outside and shot low from an acute angle, hitting the back post before it was knocked out for a corner.

Just a minute later, the ball was played past Shoretair, who audaciously flicked Hardley and ran into the penalty area to pull back, but he was pushed away when he hit, causing the ball to fly past.

In the 26th minute, a strange substitution led to Iqbal leaving the game early instead of Omari Forson. Due to the protests of the young midfielder about his departure, it is unlikely that this happened due to injury or was planned in advance, as far as he knows.

Forson immediately tried the curler for long distances, but did not have enough strength to cause trouble to the goalkeeper.

In the 32nd minute, Teden Mengi was left unprotected 2 on 1, but he used his pace and strength to keep Iago Alonso from passing into the penalty area, but as a result he collided strongly with Vitek. Fortunately, both soon got back on their feet and were able to continue.

Shoretir almost scored a goal when he blocked the goalkeeper’s takedown, but Spurs were lucky and the ball ricocheted to the Spurs defender.

In the 40th, Spurs punched Alonso through Bennett’s leg, and the Spanish striker shot into the bottom right corner.

Unlucky to come out on the break with a 1-0 lead, United were the better team in the first half, although they were disjointed in their game with an unusual 5-3-2 pattern, because of which many did not know where to be, but the change at halftime led them back to the more familiar four at the back when the game resumes.

At the start of the second half, Spurs’ free kick was sent to the back post and the side foot was kicked back to hit off the crossbar from the summer before Mengi could get away from danger.

Spurs continued to threaten and struck straight past Hardley and struck from close range, but Vitek quickly fell to save.

Omari Forson broke through from the right and switched to Shoretair, who gave a pass to striker Charlie Savage, whose wide-angle shot was deflected by the goalkeeper’s legs.

In the 69th minute, Shoretir hit Bennett in the back post with a free kick, raising his head, but the deflection took off his sting, allowing the goalkeeper to easily catch the ball.

Savage shot at Marc Jurado at the back post to run past the defender to the signature with an excellent first touch before cutting Emerana with a huge chance 10 yards out, but he went wide.

Finally, everything fell into place for United in compensated time. Jurado’s shot was blocked, but it came back to him from the left, and he outrageously curled it into the far upper left corner when the goalkeeper didn’t even get close, saving a point in the match after Spurs tried to lose time from the 60th minute. .

Seconds later, the final whistle blew, securing United a seventh draw in eleven matches this campaign as they languish in 11th place.


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