Academy Match Report: Newcastle United (Under 18) — Manchester United (Under 18) 2:2


Speaking at the same time as the U21 on Saturday morning, Manchester United’s U18s were away against Newcastle United in the league, repeating their last match where they suffered a 1-4 defeat in the Premier League Cup.

This time Manchester United will take the lead in the 20th minute thanks to Ethan Williams.

The winger’s first attempt to execute a canopy was blocked by him, and in the second attempt the goalkeeper could only bring the shot to his own goal.

However, the lead did not last long, as Newcastle won it back after just five minutes. The quick Newcastle striker ran down the left flank and imitated a cross, forcing James Nolan to dive on the block, opening space for Anthony Munde to cut off, who turned perfectly into the top corner from 14 yards.

United wanted to respond with a flurry of chances but couldn’t keep their composure as Williams, Sam Murray, Adam Berry and Ethan Wheatley saw their efforts fall short.

The best effort in the rest of the first half was delivered by the boot of Sonny Aljofri, who, after filing from a corner, struck the goalkeeper.

A 1-1 half-time stalemate, United would have been disappointed if they hadn’t been in the lead.

Thanks to the strong play of Maxi Oyedele, United controlled the midfield, but the second half continued in the same spirit as the first: United could not realize their chances.

Only in the 83rd minute Adam Berry struck a fantastic long-range shot into the left corner and restored United’s lead.

However, once again the lead was short-lived as Newcastle’s Kiaran Thompson scored late, striking a low cross into the penalty area.

The final score of 2-2 gave United their first draw of the season and left them in 8th place with a few games to spare.

United: Worcester, Nolan, Jackson, Aljofri, Murray, Fitzgerald, Oyedele (Baumann, 75), Williams (Lacey, 75), Berry, Norkett, Wheatley (Musa, 67)


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