Academy Match Report: Manchester United (Under-21) – Monaco (Under-21) 0:2


Last night at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s under-21 players had the opportunity to shine on the pitch when they hosted Monaco in the Premier League International Cup.

In the first minutes, Cobby Mainu passed the ball to Charlie McNeil in the penalty area, but he shot past the left flank.

Monaco went the other way and their right winger forced Bjorn Hardley to spin and turn before Ondrej Mastny made the save.

In the 15th minute, several deft feet of Isak Hansen-Aaroen on the edge of the penalty area opened up space for a shot from 18 yards, which was thrown over the crossbar.

Mark Jurado shot into the penalty area, and McNeil intercepted the ball for Hansen-Aaroen to shoot through the stands.

Soon after, Mainou took possession of the ball high above the pitch before McNeil made a pass to Noam Emeran at the back post, but the French winger could not hold back a header.

In the 31st minute, Monaco looked like they had opened a gap, but the recovering Hardley was quick to make an important last takeaway.

A few seconds later, a heavy collision in the center of the field left Hansen-Aaroen unconscious for several minutes, but fortunately he got up and was able to continue the game.

Charlie Savage and Rhys Bennett took possession of the ball, which gave Monaco a big chance from 10 yards, but Mastny stood up to make the save.

Monaco had a late chance in the last stages of the first half, when Jurado was beaten at the signature, but Bennett intercepted the ball and blocked a corner kick.

In the second half, United got a good chance on the counterattack, as McNeil played with Emeran on the left, who then switched to Omari Forson for an open shot, but he was prevented by a strong save by the Monaco goalkeeper.

Immediately after that, Monaco responded with an offside goal after a blocked shot got in the way of their striker, but the “offside” flag was immediately raised.

In the 65th minute, Mainu played brilliantly from the right side, throwing the ball into the penalty area and releasing it to Savage, who, having chosen a position, threw the ball to the top of the net.

Three minutes later, Monaco raced down the right flank and focused on a free chance in the penalty area so that their number seven easily hit the net and took the lead in the 68th minute.

United reacted almost quickly when Willy Kambwala’s long pass into the right channel fortunately fell to Hansen-Aaroen after Monaco went down due to a muscle jerk, allowing the Norwegian to pass freely. He hit the ball to Forson, who inadvertently missed. on the back post to also scratch his effort hard.

In the 75th minute, the Monaco goalkeeper began to kick out of his hands, and McNeil audaciously knocked the ball out and sent it into the net, but the referee quickly called it off before Richie Valme of Monaco pushed McNeil face down on the floor. The referee considered this violation only a yellow card.

The match was really stopped in the last seconds when Didri Kouassi intervened from the left and scored a goal in stoppage time from the right post, which brought Monaco a 0: 2 victory and continued an unsuccessful series of results for United under-21s.

United: Mastny, Jurado, Bennett, Mengi, Hardley, Savage, Mainu, Forson (Oyedele, 87), Hansen-Aaroen, Emeran (Kambwala, 66), McNeil (Huddlestone, 76)

Unused substitutes: Worcester, Murray, Fredrickson


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