Academy Match Report: Manchester City (Under 18) — Manchester United (Under 18) 2:3


On Saturday morning, the Manchester United under-18s traveled around the city to compete with local rivals Manchester City.

It was City who first threatened the ball through the penalty area so that Farid Alfa-Ruprecht hit the side net at the back post.

United responded with a free kick by Sam Murray, who forced a save that could only be parried back into the danger zone for Tyler Frederickson to hit the net, but it was ruled out due to offside.

It was a back-and-forth meeting and City got to the signature to cut down Jayden Heskey, who came off the post and left.

Maxi Oyedele punched the needle for Manny Norkett to run, but the forward’s unsuccessful attempt missed the goal.

City took the lead in the 34th minute thanks to their skipper Nico O’Reilly, who opened up space at the edge of the penalty area and struck into the bottom left corner, bouncing right under the grip of Elih Harrison.

United had a chance to equalise before half-time when Murray’s cross fell to Ethan Williams at the back post, but the winger could not keep a close-range shot on goal.

In the second half, Williams again had a chance to equalize, as he stole the ball from the City defender, and he did not make a mistake twice, as he clinically punched the ball into the bottom left corner.

Just five minutes later, United took the lead thanks to Norkett, who got up and headed home after Fredrickson’s shot.

The Manchester Derby is never without controversy, and it came late when Jack Kingdon unexpectedly saw a straight red card for a challenge from behind high on the pitch.

Despite the man’s fall, United hit the post, resulting in Victor Musa being knocked out by the City goalkeeper to win a penalty. James Nolan stepped forward and duly kicked a penalty into the bottom right corner.

City scored one in Matthew Whittingham’s stoppage time, but it was too late as United beat the winners 2-3 in the Manchester Derby.

United: Harrison, Kingdon, Aljofri, Jackson, Murray, Fredrickson, Oyedele, Nolan, Gore (Berry, 58), Williams, Norkett (Musa, 89)

Unused substitutes: Hanbury, Fitzgerald, Baumann


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