AC Valhalla Devs Confirm Improvements


In an interview with Game Informer, Julien Laferrière, from Ubisoft, commented on the importance of the feedbacks that his team has been receiving from the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla community and on the future plans to continue improving the game based on the communication between the fans and the publisher. .

According to Laferrière, the criticisms and suggestions from the players will be one of the main contributions for AC Valhalla to become even more grand and well done, as it happened in the previous title, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which had great support from fans and even reached compete for Game of the Year at TGA 2018.

“I think Odyssey was very successful in listening to its fan base. When looking at Valhalla’s post-launch plans, it was important to have quality of life solutions there, and also to be able to react to the new platforms, because they keep improving, “said the producer.” We have a great reception on the PS5, Series X and PC, people are definitely taking advantage of the game’s cutting edge features, so we want to continue to capitalize on that. This is not meant to sound like a cliché, but to me, it is about listening to what the player base is saying and reacting to it, in addition to the extra content and resources. ”

During the interview, the executive also commented on one of the main differences that occurred between Odyssey and Valhalla, with the exclusion of beloved sea battles that, despite working very well in previous games of the franchise, ended up being without purpose in the most recent title, already that “the Vikings did not do many naval battles”.

What are you thinking about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla so far? Is there still much to improve? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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