AC Origins actor studio to launch EA-branded game


In a statement sent to the press, the independent studio Silver Rain Games, directed by Abubakar Salim, an actor who played Bayek in Assassin’s Creed Origins, confirmed the closing of a partnership with Eletronic Arts to launch a game under the EA Originals label.

With the mission of “telling cool stories and having innovative gameplay”, Silver Rain Games revealed that its first IP will be an “exciting” experience, despite not giving any more details about the production. At the moment, those responsible for the project are an “extraordinarily creative and experienced” team that is focused on “bringing their global perspectives to life”.

“Together, we will build an exciting universe that enables the power of narrative and the brilliance it brings,” said Salim. “We couldn’t be happier to work with the EA Originals team, who have been phenomenal partners for us since we started this journey. Each of them not only understands our vision to inspire and entertain, but also welcomes this exciting new era of development of games.”

“We feel incredibly fortunate to be working with Abu, Mel and the entire Silver Rain team,” said EA Vice President of Strategic Growth, Matt Bilbey. “They are a bold new independent studio that will create new, distinctive and innovative experiences. We look forward to supporting them in this epic adventure they are on and when the time is right, connecting them with a global audience of players.”

Neither party anticipated what could be expected from the new original game from Eletronic Arts, so it remains to be expected more news from the studio.


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