Absolutely natural: Gulkan Kamps shares a selfie without makeup!


Gulkan Kamps (40) shows his natural side! The beauty became known as the Viva presenter in the early 2000s – then the actress almost always appeared stylishly. However, today the influencer can also look a little more natural: the beauty, who became a mother for the first time in December last year, appears again and again without makeup. Now Gulkan has shared a topless photo again, in which she shines without makeup!

Gulkan posted her mirror selfie on Instagram, in which she posed with a wide smile — the 40-year-old girl completely abandoned makeup. “A normal selfie. No makeup, no filters. Pure Gulkan. I like natural photos most of all without too much glamour,” she wrote, adding: “Please never forget: self—esteem and self-love have nothing in common. with style and makeup. I hope it comes from you.”

For her natural contribution, Gulkan received a lot of support from her subscribers and pleasant compliments in the comments column. “You are the most beautiful without makeup” or “Great photo,” their fans admired under the publication.


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