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The first episode of Hawk and the Winter Soldier hit the Disney + catalog this Friday (19) and proved that the Marvel series didn’t come to play. In the first episodes, an electrifying action scene with melee battles, shots, falls in the air and several explosions has already caught the attention of viewers and set the level of the series in Marvel’s quality standard.

In fact, it is difficult not to compare the series with the production that launched the 4th phase of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) on televisions. While WandaVision, a series that told the story of the Scarlet Witch, started in a calm and comical tone, taking a few episodes for the real battles to really start, the story is quite different with the series of Sam and Bucky.

Right away, it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot of action and adventure in this new plot. But first, how about discovering everything that happened in this launch episode?

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The series begins with Sam handing Captain America’s shield to the superhero’s memorial. Even with Steve handing the object over to him, Sam still feels that the shield does not belong to him and, for the moment, prefers to fight without it.

So he goes on a military mission and hears, for the first time, about LAF, an organization that wants to establish a New World Order (look at the title of the episode!). To do this, he needs to recover an American military aircraft in full flight and without crossing the borders of Tunisia.

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The Falcon launches into the air to retrieve one of the American soldiers taken hostage and manages to escape intact, even after all the shots and injuries. On the ground, he is welcomed as a hero.

Meanwhile, the former Winter Soldier tries to deal with the traumas of his past. Bucky still has nightmares about the time when he was the biggest killer at HYDRA, so he started therapy, even though, most of the time, he makes fun of his therapist. The scenes with Bucky are full of flashbacks between his recent past and the present, immersing himself in the emotional aspects of the character.

In general, the first episode does not have many revelations (I mean, until the last second, but we will talk about that later) and it is mostly set with separate Sam and Bucky. However, their trajectories should connect soon so that they can, in fact, become the pair Falcão and the Winter Soldier.


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