About Bethesda and Xbox: the key is Xbox Game Pass


Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media guarantees a total of 23 studios working for Xbox only; all your games on day one on Xbox Game Pass.

In the end, everything is decided by video games. No one saw this coming, but 7.5 billion dollars have been the trigger for what is surely the most important news in the sector in recent years; I dare not quantify how many. Although we can quantify the number of exclusive studios that the Xbox Game Studios label now has: 23. Microsoft has struck the table and has taken over ZeniMax Media, it has taken over the eight Bethesda development teams.

In an age where € 80 per game is already a tangible reality, Xbox says no. Those of Redmond guarantee that by paying a small monthly payment we can play everything that that thickened Xbox Game Studios portfolio has on its way. Accessibility, let us not forget. It has never been so easy to jump into a generation. Sony must provide an answer with its PlayStation ecosystem.

“Microsoft wanted to eliminate borders and they have torn them down”

When Phil Spencer was promoted to head of Xbox three years ago, we learned that his plan was to give entity to the brand based on video games, names that we resemble with those four letters just by listening to the teams in charge. Sometimes we say that a logo is capable of selling you a console, and it is true; but when what we see on the screen is a composition with The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, DOOM and company, what we see is a bet on the future that has no precedent. The purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft generates more certainties than doubts, those that surely we all had after the deployment of Sony exclusives for PS5 and the delays in the American house. Things have changed and, surely, we are still not aware of the magnitude of this movement.

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Because the rules are being set by Phil Spencer’s team. Microsoft wanted to remove borders and they have brought them down with a Trojan horse that nobody saw coming. In its rules was the game in the cloud, enjoying the Xbox brand on our mobile device, on our computer, on our Xbox and on the competitor’s consoles. They wanted players and not necessarily sell consoles. This is how users are loyal, with facts. Xbox Game Pass is the cornerstone of an entire simmering strategy. Teraflops, resolution or RAM no longer matter so much and, although it was at the stroke of a checkbook, something that seemed unthinkable has been achieved.


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