About $ 1 Billion Withdrawn from a Bitcoin Wallet


About $ 1 billion has been withdrawn from a Bitcoin wallet that has been inactive since 2015. This wallet is predicted to be associated with the underground crime market Silk Road, which collapsed in 2013.

Cryptocurrencies have become very valuable over time, and the value of old investments has increased many times over. A wallet, which has been in a passive state since 2015, attracted attention with Bitcoin worth about $ 1 billion in this period.

This wallet, which is the fourth largest Bitcoin wallet in the world, has been changing hands among hackers for a long time. The aim was to log into the account and access the Bitcoins in it.

Who has accessed the wallet is unknown

On the other hand, it is not known who has accessed the wallet and the Bitcoins worth 69,369 (approximately $ 975 million) it contains. One of the hackers who tried their luck with the wallet or the former owner of the wallet may have performed this access.

Tom Robinson, co-founder of blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, said he thought the cryptocurrencies in the wallet might have come from Silk Road. This formation was a market for murder, drugs and more crime and was closed in 2013.

The crypto coins in the account initially amounted to 350 thousand dollars. Later, with Bitcoin’s fluctuating but inevitable rise, the value of this wallet approached $ 1 billion.

Has been passive since 2015

The last Bitcoin incoming account in 2015 was not used since that day. It is unlikely that the password of the account that has been the subject of the articles has been broken recently. Because crypto money wallets are long and the combination of AES-256-CBC and SHA-512 end-to-end encryption systems is protected with a password.

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Currently, we are witnessing that crypto coins can also be used for criminal purposes due to their anonymity. Considering the recent intense interest of lawmakers and market regulators, we can definitely see that they will conduct a study on this issue.


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