Has the ability to show suggestions at the sentence level to Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word, one of the most used writing tools of today, started to show sentence-level suggestions with the update coming today. The application makes suggestions for many purposes such as improving fluency and improving expression.

The tools in our computers or any smart devices that replace notebooks and pens continue to change and improve day by day. Microsoft Word, which has been with us for many years and is indispensable in many issues, is no exception.

Microsoft continues to work on improving the spelling tool Word and providing users with greater convenience when typing. Word, which started to show the ‘double space’ error that was accidentally left in the past days, has added a very useful feature today.

Microsoft Word will show sentence-level suggestions:
Last year, Microsoft announced the ‘Rewrite (rewrite) feature for the Word application. Thanks to this feature, users could get suggestions for different expressions or phrases for the sentences they wrote. With the update coming today, Microsoft’s feature has gotten much better.

Microsoft Word will not only suggest alternative phrases or phrases with the new update. With the update, Word will also make sentence-level spelling suggestions. The new feature coming to Microsoft Word will suggest the following types:

Improving fluency: This type of advice focuses on improving the flow of narration and makes recommendations such as grammar and spelling arrangement.
To put it in the shortest possible way: The purpose of this type of suggestion is to describe an idea without using much words.
Explanation in other words: The purpose of this type of suggestion is to reflect the narration with synonyms.
Improving readability: The purpose of this type of suggestion is to make a manuscript readable for people with different levels of reading ability. In general terms, suggestions include shorter and simpler expression.

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The new features coming to Microsoft Word were brought to life with the company’s newest neural network and machine learning models. These models of the company trained themselves by analyzing millions of sentences. New features coming to Microsoft Word are available to anyone with a Microsoft 365 (Office 365) subscription. The new feature only currently only supports the English language.


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