Abigail Cowen ignites the afterparty for the Netflix series!

Abigail Cowen made her fans happy! Indeed, the star of the series “Winx” made the show during the afterparty focused on the saga.

Like you, Abigail Cowen is also very active on Instagram. This Monday, February 22, the actress of the series “Winx” also immortalized her time at the afterparty of the famous fiction.

Many of you succumbed to the “Winx” saga available on Netflix! For several weeks, the series was in the top 10 of the famous platform.

It must be said that the saga inspired by “The Winx Club” has it all. To begin with, the cast totally conquered its audience.

In fact, many actors have gutted the screen. Like Abigail Cowen aka “Bloom”. But also Danny Griffin who brilliantly plays the role of “Sky”.

In addition, the finale of season 1 of Winx left some fans of the “Winx” series stunned. Many are perplexed as to the fate of the main heroine!

But not only. There are still multiple storylines to explore and countless theories have sprung up while we wait for Season 2!

And the intention of those burned still retains its share of mystery. For starters, there’s no denying that Bloom is Alfea’s most powerful fairy.

In fiction, she possesses the power of the Dragon Flame! A characteristic that seems to covet many of the characters of the series “Winx”.

In any case, the actress who lends her features to “Boom” has just made her subscribers happy. This Monday, February 22, via her Instagram story, Abigail Cowen shared some images from the afterparty of the saga.

Abigail Cowen (Winx) ignites the afterparty for the Netflix series!


As you can see, there was good humor throughout the show. Facing the camera, Abigail Cowen answered the countless questions put to her without spoiling the plot of the Winx series of course!

And she also took up different challenges with a smile. ” In the top ! I can’t wait to watch this video, ”reads his latest Instagram post. But also: “Already seen and I had a great time”.

In the comments thread, his followers were not stingy with compliments. All are unanimous and won over by her acting but also by her natural beauty.

This benevolence certainly makes Abigail Cowen happy. In the past, the young woman has unfortunately been the victim of harassment during her schooling because of her red hair.

She opened up about it for “Glamor” earlier this year. “Redhead jokes still exist. People think they have a free hand to tyrannize, “said the actress.

But also: “” I was really beaten up in middle school because I was redhead (…). All these kids in my school got together and talked about something – my hair – that made me different.

And to stress: “I was probably the only redhead in my class! “. A great revenge for the star of the Winx saga!



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