Abhishek “Shake” from “Love Is Blind” Chatterjee moves to Miami, “takes a Break” from working as a veterinarian


Making moves! Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee is ready to start all over again after his dramatic performance in the second season of the TV series “Love is Blind”.

“I’m taking a break from working as a veterinarian,” he admits. “Veterinary medicine is amazing in many ways, but it’s also incredibly draining, both physically and emotionally.”

Shake is shifting his focus to “new opportunities emerging in the crypto space and the NFT space,” he explains. “I’m not saying I’ll never become a veterinarian again,” he adds. “But right now it’s just not what my heart is for. …It is a great honor for me to be able to take care of pets and take care of animals. It will always hold a special place in my heart, and as far as I know, I can go back to that day. But hardly this year.”

The aspiring DJ didn’t have to “think much” before he decided to move to the same city as his girlfriend Emily Wilson. “Sometimes life pushes you in the right direction,” he tells Us. “I’ve lived in Chicago most of my life and I’m ready for a new city, a warmer city. And musically, as a DJ, I already have a lot of contacts and opportunities there.”

Fans met Shake during the second season of the TV series “Love is Blind”, which premiered in February. While in the capsules, he got engaged to Deepti Vempati, but the couple did not have a happy ending. Throughout their romance, Shake often told his colleagues that he was not physically attracted to the 31-year-old data analyst who left him at the altar on their wedding day.

“There are a lot of things he said but didn’t say to my face, and [things] I’ve heard from other actors,” Deepti told Us exclusively before the season two finale. “There is simply no place in my life for anyone who does not see me in the best light. And who could even think of such thoughts, I think.

The exes sparred on camera during a hot reunion special, in which Sheik also clashed with co-hosts Nick Lachet and Vanessa Lachet. Despite the drama, Shake made it clear he’s moving on by debuting his new romance on Instagram earlier this month.

“Good things come to those who don’t want to settle the situation,” he captioned the March 17 social media upload, apparently condemning his ex—fiancee, confirming his relationship with Emily.

Before Shake planned his move to Miami, a source exclusively told us that the couple were “doing long-distance work” after meeting while Shake was in the Sunshine State.

“It happened very quickly,” a source said of the couple’s romance. “She’s very, very happy, and it seems pretty serious—as serious as it can be after a couple of weeks of dating. She thinks he can be the Chosen One — such seriousness. For example, a relationship like “love at first sight”.