Abby Sciuto’s performer was the only one who brought her role into real life


One of the longest-running television dramas in history, it has undoubtedly been NCIS, and since then, its audience has remained faithful to this story related to criminal investigations. For more than 18 years this story has been on the air, and as is to be expected, multiple twists and turns have occurred, some of the most beloved characters have left, and new ones have appeared.

Currently, the series broadcast by CBS has 19 seasons in total, and during 15 installments, we could see in action Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), the star forensic scientist, despite her debut, she decided to stay away from the series four years ago , exactly in 2017.

Thanks to her charisma and personality, Abby Sciuto managed to make us all fall in love, that is why around the world she obtained hundreds of followers who totally supported her throughout her artistic career. However, after her controversial revelations regarding the decision she made to leave the show, many have criticized her, because the whole problem she kept on set occurred after the bite of actor Mark Harmon’s dog.

Following the dog incident, Perrette became upset with the well-known actor for continuing to bring his pet on set, despite the need for 15 stitches for the wound. Since then, the relationship between these two colleagues went to the void, as Pauley Perrette affirmed that Mark Harmonn’s behavior was not professional at all.

After learning about the lawsuit between these actors, it was also known that Pauley Perrette did her job so well because she really is a legitimate criminologist. Her role as her forensic scientist suited him like a glove.

A couple of decades ago, she considered becoming an FBI agent and has a master’s degree in criminal science from Valdosta State University in Georgia; she even she was admitted to the John Jay School of Criminal Sciences in New York.

While she was working hard to pay for her college expenses, someone who worked at the same site told her about a director who was looking for commercial actors, and Perrette gave it a go, landing spots in commercials and as a guest on television shows and quitting. a life of solving crimes, to finally achieve his fame in NCIS.