Abby Jacobson teases Season 2 of “Their Own League” after the end of “Rock Climbers”: “I really hope we earn more”


Additional features? Abby Jacobson has a lot of stories to tell in “Their Own League” on Prime Video, and that will count for the first season.

The actors of “Their Own League”: where are they now?

“I think we know a lot of assumptions about where we would go if we had the opportunity to shoot more seasons, but right now it’s just difficult. I’ve never been the kind of person who works so hard to get another season of anything. So my mind doesn’t work that way,” the 38—year-old Broad City graduate exclusively told Us Weekly. “I think we were very similar in the first season, let’s talk about it as much as possible and make us so meaty, juicy and full in every way. Each character is filled as much as we can make it in case we can’t do more.”

“But the end is actually, you know, we end up with such cliffhangers, as if from both sides of our world,” she adds. “So I really hope we can do more.”

Celebrity kids follow in their parents’ footsteps

Jacobson created the series with Will Graham. Although it is reimagined from the beloved 1992 movie of the same name, it is more based on the story of the All-American Women’s Professional Baseball League. The series also focuses more on sexuality and racism compared to the Penny Marshall film, directed by Geena Davis and Laurie Petty.

The “Disappointment” actor plays Carson Shaw in the comedy, a married woman who joins the league while her husband (Patrick J. Adams) served during World War II. Joining the Rockford Peaches and training, the catcher explores his sexuality and connection with teammate Greta Gill (D’Arcy Cardin).

“Our head baseball coach was Justine Segal, who was the first woman hired on the MLB coaching staff. And she was kind of the head of coaches, but all the other coaches below her were women who would basically be the modern** equivalent of the characters we portrayed on screen,” Jacobson explained to Us. “So it was really an incredible opportunity to train with them and see what their life is like, to see their athleticism, and they are incredible — to see them on the field was just overwhelming, because we all came to this show with different skill levels.”

Although Jacobson “played softball as a child,” she was well aware that she would never be able to “fully look like them” on the field.

Famous Baseball Fans

“But we could study the dynamics of our specific positions,” she said. “Batting will be the first thing in the morning, and that’s what your body has to do to be a better athlete. What should your body do, as well as the movements and dynamics of the movements of a catcher, a heavy hitter. Like, what is included in this. And that’s why they helped us a lot. Everyone has doppelgangers for sliding, big moves and the like, but it was so useful. I’ve definitely improved from start to finish. I’m still not a professional, but it was a great experience.”

Abby Jacobson

Jacobson and Carden, 42, along with Shante Adams, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Roberta Colindrez, Kelly McCormack, Priscilla Delgado, Molly Ephraim, Melanie Field, Kate Berlant, Dale Dickey and Nick Offerman.

The premiere of “Their Own League” will take place on Prime Video on Friday, August 12.


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