Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Branson responds to the opinion that the ABC show helped revive interest in network sitcoms


Abbott Elementary has made a lot of noise since it debuted on network television on ABC last December. Since then, the show has received stellar ratings, critical acclaim and dominated social media. The show has ABC’s biggest comedy since the network’s other pseudo-documentary hit Modern Family ended in 2020, so, yes, it’s pretty much running to its fullest. Some viewers and critics even attributed the revival of the network sitcom to the series. This merit is associated with serious pressure, which is well known to the creator and star Quinte Brunson, and the actress, screenwriter and producer turned to the fact that her comedy is credited with such a feat.

The Abbott Elementary creator spoke about claims that her show has revived interest in sitcoms, during a conversation with Adam Scott from Severance for Variety magazine “Actors about Actors.” Scott, like many people, is a big fan of workplace comedy, saying it’s the only show his family watches together. He mentioned the connection between the success of the ABC comedy and the revival of network comedies, moments that Quinta Brunson considered “too big” and “too big” for the show. Responding to the suggestion, the star highlighted other comedies that now rule traditional television:

I really think that although Abbott has been successful, for which I am very grateful, people have been doing a lot of work in the network space for a very long time. “Young Sheldon” attracts a huge number of viewers — even their repeats. This season there are shows like “Ghosts” on CBS, which is just a joy and a pleasure to watch, as well as “American Auto” and “Grand Crew” on NBC. It was a collaborative effort, and I think Abbott just seems like a great show for everyone to relate that narrative to. “Parks and Recreation” was that for me. I loved having this thing that I could watch with friends and family, which was easy. “Parks and Recreation” seemed like a risk when you almost couldn’t believe you were seeing it online. “Parks,” it was so beautifully written.

Kudos to the talented star for talking about other network comedies that are going well now. Of course, Abbott was a big hit, but you can’t underestimate the huge success that many of his contemporaries achieved. As the producer mentioned, the young CBS Sheldon and his fellow freshman on the comedy “Ghosts” have earned high marks when it comes to ratings.

Interestingly, although she’s not here to compare with “The Office,” Quinta Bruson paid tribute to “Parks and Recreation Areas” and their script for influencing her teacher-oriented sitcom. You can honestly see the similarities between her show and the NBC pseudo-documentary, for example, when you consider the characteristics of Janine and Leslie Knope.

If things continue to develop in the same way as in Abbott Elementary and its analogues, then the future for network sitcoms looks bright. Speaking of the future, everything is ready for the second season of the Quinta Brunson show. She has already teased that the writers’ room is currently busy creating the second season, and she even hinted at the introduction of new characters and the return of several familiar faces. I’m glad to see that, as well as how this show continues to gain a place on television.

The premiere of the second season of Abbott Elementary will take place on September 21 on ABC at 21:00 Korean time. You can keep up to date with the premieres of new and old TV shows this fall by reviewing the CinemaBlend TV program for 2022. And you can also stream the first season of the show by purchasing a Hulu subscription.