Abbott Elementary and Janelle James shared a joke that, as she was surprised, got into ABC’s “Last Straw”


Game shows continue to be a staple of network television, helping bridge the gap between spring television and the launch of the fall season, when summer viewers need content to fill their prime-time evenings. While we usually follow the TV program for 2022 to cover every new and returning program, ABC turns its attention to a list of game shows that will showcase talent from their other shows, including Michael Strahan, host of The $100,000 Pyramid, and two Jonas brothers, Kevin and Frankie present they conceived a new program called “Claim to Fame”. Read more about these shows as we get closer to their appearance on the network, but at the moment the focus is on comedian Janelle James and her upcoming game show “The Last Straw”, which will debut on Sunday, July 10, at 21:00 eastern time. Fri.

Most viewers will probably recognize Janelle James for her outstanding role in the ABC program Abbott Elementary, which found its audience very quickly and has already been rewarded with a second season from ABC, which gave the creators a huge vote of confidence. James plays Ava in the program, the school principal in the show’s title, who cares more about TikTok than her employees or students. James is very funny and has taken his niche as a comedian, so when she had the opportunity to talk to her about her hosting duties and the jokes she brings to the concert, she told us about one that she swore she thought would cut herself. But this is not the case. As James explains:

Well, for example, as a joke, so, in this game the towers are themed. So, there is a wedding theme, there is a children’s room and there are all the items corresponding to these themes. So, as for the wedding theme, when the stack falls, I say, “This stack fell like a drunk bridesmaid at a wedding!” This joke means two things. (laughs) Just a small example of a joke for adults, while the family is watching, the children will be like this: “Why was it funny?” But I hope the parents will laugh!

The towers referenced by Janelle James are part of this unscripted program in which four teams battle to “battle huge toppling towers,” according to ABC. The way the network describes the show:

Each life-size themed tower is filled with various items, from basketballs to small kitchen appliances, as participants attempt to successfully pull items from the stack without knocking it over to earn prizes. If the tower falls, the team is eliminated, and the last surviving team will compete with the Mega Stack, an epic physical battle in which the odds are literally stacked against them, hoping to win the grand prize that will change their lives.

And here’s how they will look in the “Last Straw” program:

This game show will give Janelle James fans something that will help them hold out until Abbott Elementary returns. In her spare time, the show’s creator, Quinta Brunson, talked about the show’s influence on the sitcom genre, and also shared the reasons why she almost thought about leaving television before Abbott Elementary achieved great success. As you know, we are big fans of the program here at CinemaBlend, and are equally excited about the debut of “The Last Straw” on ABC on July 10.